Top 5 Cable TV Deals

Cable TV provides quality entertainment to individuals and families. The clarity and connection is clear all the time without any chance of signal loss.

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Providers of Cable

Cable TV should be a service that is simple and easy to sign up for. Learn what you should look for when selecting a cable TV provider.

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Fast Connections

As Internet speeds continue to increase with technology advances, it is extremely important to take steps to ensure your Internet connection can keep up with these advances.

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What’s HDTV and is it a good thing?

HDTV stands for High-Definition TV and yes, it’s definitely a good thing in our quest for theatre-like viewing. As was explained in our digital converter question, digital technology allows cable providers to transmit a much better picture and sound. However, it’s important to know that this technology is being phased in gradually. You can’t receive an HDTV-broadcast program unless you have an HDTV set. Many people who like to be on the leading edge, ran out and bought one when they were first introduced. However, they soon found out that HDTV sets don’t receive an analog signal very well, and there aren’t many programs broadcast in actual HDTV, although that number is steadily increasing. So those with HDTV sets will have to wait until the switch is made to 100% digital broadcasting to get maximum use of their theater-quality TVs.